For the Australian Hi Fi and AV Show 2016, Advance Audio Australia will be bringing the very best from Arcam, KEF, Dali, Definitive Technology, Nordost and dCS. We’ll also be joined by Alan Williams from Linn and Bjorn Bengsston from Nordost for the duration of the show.

We’re planning a slightly different format this year – in addition to the usual open-room format, we’ll be holding set demonstrations on interesting topics in hi-fi, such as “The effect of quality ethernet cables”, “Dolby Atmos for Music”, “Room correction through mathematical modelling”, and more.

Use the links below to find out more information on each demonstration. You’ll find the available time slots throughout October 21-23 on the next page through the “Select a Date” button. As numbers are very limited to these closed-door demonstrations, we encourage you to book beforehand.

KEF LS50 – the legend returns

Digital Streaming Masterclass with Linn

Class G, DIRAC and Atmos with Arcam

Get Connected With Nordost

Lawrence Chu from KEF and Michael from Advance Audio will be bringing some very exciting news about KEF.
Robert Wong and Alan Williams from Linn will present Space Optimsation room correction softwarae and their patented digital streaming technology in a digital streaming masterclass.  
Arcam’s latest technologies include Class G amplification, DIRAC room correction and Dolby Atmos. Nigel from Advance Audio will demonstrate this using Definitive Technology’s brand new BP9080 floorstanding speaker.
Bjorn Bengsston of Nordost will discuss the importance of having a good foundation in your hifi system, and that without a good solid base, no hifi system can truly achieve their potential.  

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